Our Guiding Principles: We Believe...

· in a mission-driven approach to advancement.

· that there is no substitute for strong institutional leadership.

· in a staff-driven approach to implementation. We participate with our clients in solicitation calls and do not require volunteers to make solicitation calls.

· that a Catholic high school achieves growth by creating and working toward a shared vision.

· in making courageous decisions for the future based on an honest, candid assessment of the present.

· in the fundamental concept of constituency involvement; we have witnessed the powerful effects of stakeholder engagement.

· in being realistic about fundraising expectations so that capital projects are accomplished and the campaign is successful.

· that implementation - the disciplined execution of fundamentals - is how a school reaches its philanthropic potential.

· in delivering value to our clients. Accordingly, our fees are highly competitive and include all our travel-related expenses and all required project-related items so that every client knows up front the "all in" cost of the project.

Maximizing Philanthropic Potential