About Advancement Partners

Terry Fairholm, Bill Acton, Terry Fairholm

We specialize in institutional advancement consulting and capital campaign management for Catholic high schools and K-12 schools.

We are experienced; we have been in the business of institutional advancement for over 25 years and worked with over 300 Catholic schools nationwide.

We are goal-driven. We pride ourselves on our track record, the success of our client relationships, the number of "repeat" clients we maintain and the professionalism we embrace.

We are all products of Catholic schools. Our children are products of Catholic schools.

We are Midwest based and national in scope.

We work with our clients to create an advancement "best practices" environment with the primary focus on fundamentals and disciplined execution.

While our system is based in the fundamentals of effective development, we customize each engagement to meet the culture, needs and goals of each client.

Our short-term goal is to achieve the objective of our engagement; our long-term goal is to position the school to achieve at a higher level in advancement.

Distinguishing Features

We are not 'everything to everybody.'' We work exclusively with Catholic K-12 schools, which ensures a high probability outcome.

Our planning process is custom-designed for Catholic high schools to affect the critical "transfer of ownership" to those who will fund the project.

Our capital campaign process is 'staff-driven,' meaning that we join your staff for the duration of the project. During the major gift solicitation process, we accompany you on solicitation calls - that ensures a maximization of philanthropic potential.

In addition, our process provides for on the job training and coaching so that you can successfully continue the major gift process after our engagement concludes.

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