Our Approach

The Advancement Partners (API) approach to institutional advancement is based on the following:

1. Step by Step

A successful advancement initiative is the result of a series of steps taken one at a time, in the proper sequence, according to a plan and timeline. At any particular time, leaders should be concerned with only one step. If that step is not executed properly, the next will be more difficult. If that step is executed properly, the next will be easier and more effective.

2. Strategic; Attention to Fundamentals; Focus on Implementation

Business as usual in Catholic school development/advancement operations is no longer an option. To compete effectively for students, faculty and philanthropic support and achieve the results that are required in each of those areas, things must be done differently. Our work with Catholic schools is based upon the following foundational elements:

  1. strategic management of the advancement/fundraising function so that all advancement initiatives are in alignment with the overall objective;
  2. passionate attention to the fundamentals of effective fundraising and best practices;
  3. intense focus on implementation of the plan and achievement of results

The API Philanthropic Giving Model

The API Philanthropic Giving Model Chart